New Builds and Installations

We perform new installation as part of new builds for building contractors, custom homes, basement finishing and commercial projects.

New Panels and Panel Upgrades

We install new panels and perform panel service upgrades to meet both residential and commercial electrical power usage needs.

Loss of Power

Loss of power can occur as a result of many factors including circuits that are shorting, defective breakers and overloaded circuits which all require proper analysis in order to safely remediate and restore power.

Solar Panel Hookups

Renewal energy including solar panels are great way to provide your business and family with energy security and we can help you get there.

Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety Inspections provide homeowners and businesses with the peace-of-mind that your electrical service is operating within the normal parameters and helps identify potential issues proactively.

Regular Maintenance

Our regular maintenance services ensure that your equipment and electrical service continues to operate optimally.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room. Modern fans are both aesthetically pleasing and provide significant energy savings by helping recirculating air, keeping your living space comfortable year-round.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting also known as down lights or pot lights, provide great lighting due to their placement directly in the ceiling. Different spectrum of lighting such as  5000K, 4500K, 4000K and 3500K create well lit spaces and also help reduce eye strain.

Interior Lighting

We supply a large variety of interior lighting solutions from modern, rustic and contemporary that are also energy saving ready to make your space one of a kind.

Exterior Lighting

Curb appeal and home security can be easily enhanced with exterior lighting for your home and business.

Security Systems

We carry mobile accessible security systems from many of the top brands and our professional installation service will assure optimal network performance and reliability of your home security system.

Hot Tub and Swimming Pool

Indoor or outdoor, we provide the complete electrical installation service that will ensure that your pool or hot tub have proper amperage and wattage needed to operate optimally.

Generator Installations

We provide installation and regular maintenance services for residential and commercial backup power generators that use gasoline, diesel and natural gas as their fuel source.

Electrical Retrofitting

Older homes often have electrical systems that aren’t suitable for the needs of modern day appliance and typical household usage. Rewiring old houses is often the best way to eliminate the risk from electrical hazards and increase electrical capacity.

SmartHome Systems

SmartHome systems have never been more affordable. They provide the peace-of-mind and convenience of being able to control everything heating, lighting, camera systems and even appliances.

Commercial Services

We provide a full range of commercial electrical services that provide peace-of-mind for all your electrical service needs.

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